Since launching her luxury ready-to-wear line in 2012, Jeddah-based designer Nora Al Shaikh has carved out a niche for herself with strong architectural lines and rich color combinations. Designing for confident cosmopolitan women, Nora Al Shaikh fuses her Saudi heritage with a global perspective; one defined by a modern and feminine approach to dressing.

“Fashion can be inspiring and empowering at the same time, but it is also important to dress women for the many roles they play in their daily lives.”

The designer’s global approach to fashion is fueled by her travels around the world, during which she gathers inspiration from architecture, art installations, and the people she encounters on the street. Whether in Paris, New York, or L.A., such encounters have become an intrinsic part of Nora Al Shaikh’s creative process; one which has allowed her to craft a unique aesthetic that appeals to women across the globe.